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Take Care of Your Mental Health this Winter Season

Take Care of Your Mental Health this Winter Season As the days shorten and temperatures drop, we tend to spend more time indoors. Take care of your mental health this winter season. Seasonal depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder… [more]


A College Student’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

A College Student’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle You have probably heard about the dreaded freshman 15 or even experienced it yourself. Then you a college student’s guide to a healthy lifestyle. College presents a new set of challenges and… [more]

living 808 & itSpray

Living 808 featuring itSpray

Living 808 featuring itSpray from Hawaii. What a great segment. We enjoyed hanging with the folks in Hawaii. If you missed it check us out: “Vitamin itSpray for Immunity & Energy Boost or Sleep Support” Honolulu (KHON2)- There’s another way… [more]


Clean-up your sleep routine

Clean-up your sleep routine. We all know what personal hygiene is but we rarely talk about sleep hygiene. It is time to clean-up your sleep routine. According to Healthline, did you know that lack of sleep can lead to: Weight… [more]

More Good Day Oregon

Good Day Oregon talks itSpray

Stephanie Kralevich, Good Day Oregon talks itSpray with Kimberly Stiele Stephanie Kralevich sits down with Kimberly Stiele, founder of the itSpray product, to discuss how itSpray helps people of all ages live better with convenient, easy, and fast-acting solutions. Want… [more]

Why itSpray Works! 1) 9x more effective than pills. 2) Medically recognized best delivery system — under the tongue. 3) Works in seconds to minutes. 4) 1 spray or 7: customize your dose. 5) Doesn’t contain shellac, colors and dyes like many pills.

NM Living with itSpray

We had so much fun with Alexis on NM Living with itSpray The Buzz on itSpray Home Delivery: As a result of offering home delivery, people are talking about itSpray at different publications and TV stations all across the country… [more]

itSpray on morning blend

itSpray on Morning Blend Milwaukee

Did you miss itSpray on Morning Blend Milwaukee? Well you can catch it right here: Visit the Morning Blend Website Many people start their daily routine with breakfast, coffee, and their daily vitamins. What if those vitamins aren’t as effective… [more]

itSpray packages of DREAMit, CHARGEit, and BOOSTit

itSpray on CT-Style

itSpray on CT-Style we couldn’t be happier! Look what they are saying about itSpray CT-Style   Would you rather watch the interview? Interview CT-Style   If you just want to know about itSpray “There are three different solutions BOOSTit for… [more]

itSpray, Spray Vitamins

Twin Cities Live itSpray Deal

See the interview with itSpray Founder Kimberly Stiele on Twin Cities Live (KSTP 5 TV) in the video below. Did you miss out on the Twin Cities Live itSpray deal? We can help you with that! Although the travel kit… [more]

3 Reasons Why Immunity Matters More During Summer

The average person worries about illness during winter months more than during summer months. Why is that? Well, there are lots of misconceptions about the function of immunity, and when/where it matters. We’re here to help explain why immunity matters… [more]