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what makes chargeit work

What Makes CHARGEit Work?

CHARGEit is your natural energy solution. It’s more cost-effective than energy drinks, and a million times better for your body. The ingredients in CHARGEit give you the boost you need without the crash. It comes in a 1-ounce bottle that… [more]

Better Sleep Equals Better Health

Better Sleep Equals Better Health

It’s no secret that getting good sleep has a positive impact on your overall health. We’ve already gone over the negative impacts of sleep loss, sleep statistics in the U.S., ways to clean up your sleep routine, etc. But we’ve… [more]

importance of gut health to total health

Importance of Gut Health to Total Health

One’s gut health is a key determinant of their total health. Food broken down in the gut enters the bloodstream where it is distributed throughout the body as nutrients. Many people who are struggling to lose weight but have tried… [more]

traveling with DREAMIt

Traveling Internationally During the Pandemic

If you are like me, you are probably freaking out about your international travel plans this year. While you may face more difficulties than you would during pre-pandemic times, do not worry. Just make sure to prepare ahead of time… [more]

green new year

The Green New Year

Rather than making personal resolutions this year, I’d like to focus on ways I can better care for the environment. I call it the green new year –  a play on words from Roosevelt’s Green New Deal. If you’d like… [more]

healthy post-holiday peppermint mocha

Healthy Post-Holiday Peppermint Mocha

Let’s face it, we’ve probably all gained a few extra pounds this holiday season. That doesn’t mean we have to diet or overly restrict our calorie intake when the new year arrives. Simply eating as we did before the holidays… [more]

sharing your struggles is important

Sharing Your Struggles is Important

So often in life, we hide what’s bothering us. We hide our struggles and our pain in hopes that maybe they’ll just go away on their own. Unfortunately, this mindset not only leads to loneliness but can be severely self-destructive…. [more]

Serve the Community this Holiday Season

While the holidays are full of family, food, and gifts, we mustn’t forget to give back to those around us.  There are many ways you can serve the community this holiday season using your time and talents. Keep reading for… [more]

Coconut Curry Salmon from Delish

Even though you can’t get outside to grill this winter, you can still make some tasty dishes! This flavorful coconut curry salmon recipe from Delish is perfect for the cold winter months ahead. Coconut Curry Salmon from Delish This recipe… [more]