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The Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been widely known for years for its ability to fight certain illnesses. Back in the day, it was used for to treat sailors for scurvy among other diseases. Now, it is a household staple for treating common… [more]

Fall Activities for the Whole Family!

Fall Activities for the Whole Family! The season of fall is here! With that comes a chill in the air, sweaters, and fall-themed activities. The colder weather means more of an opportunity for the flu to make its way into… [more]

The Benefits of DREAMit

Product Spotlight: DREAMit When evaluating your wellness routine, your sleep schedule is a big-ticket item. When you’re tossing and turning all night, you want the solution to be immediate so you can have a refreshed day. Unlike other sleep aids,… [more]

Back to school= The start of Flu Season

Making Back to School easier for both kids and parents is essential for an easy-going transition. Getting prepared beforehand by packing bags the night before and taking vitamins such as BOOSTit can make or break your flu season. Transitioning from… [more]

Signs you aren’t getting enough sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our everyday lives. Getting less sleep may seem like a smart option so there are more hours to be productive but it has opposite effects. Those college kids who pull all-nighter might be thinking… [more]

Oral Absorption

Why Liquid Vitamins are Better

How does our body use vitamins? Liquid vitamin supplements are such a great compliment to a healthy diet & lifestyle because our bodies don’t make or store vitamins. The nutrients we get are from the food we eat. Most adults… [more]

Cherry Watermelon Margaritas

Cocktail Recipe with Fruity Superfoods

As spring wanes into summer around the country, we thought we’d find a good summer food (sometimes known as “superfood”) cocktail recipe. Today we’d like to share a Cherry Watermelon Margarita. We love this recipe because you get the natural sugars from watermelon, you get great a great tart favor from the cherries. Swap the tequila for sparkling water or one of the non-alcoholic tequila options below for a delicious virgin version.