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Your Complete Guide to Journaling: Tips to Get Started

If you’ve looked into ways to improve mental health, then chances are you’ve stumbled across the prospect journaling. So, what’s all the buzz about? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the health benefits behind expressive writing. Further, we’ll provide some… [more]

3 Genius Tips to Stop Snacking

One of the main reasons that we often fail to reach our health goals is because of snacking habits. Rather than eating three meals per day, it’s far more common to graze all day. A Mintel study even found that… [more]

4 Benefits of Meditation, Plus Easy Mindfulness Tips

Have you ever considered meditation? In your pursuit of wellness and overall healthy wellbeing, meditation is often recommended by professionals. Clearly, the activity’s popularity speaks to its merits: there are numerous benefits to meditation. Not only can meditation help your… [more]

healthy routine

5 Benefits of Walking, Plus Easy Health Tips

When it comes to cardio options, walking is far too often overlooked. Walking has tons of health benefits. Further, walking is a great way to integrate healthy habits into your day without a hefty time commitment. The benefits of walking… [more]

Drug Store News

itSpray in Drug Store News

itSpray in Drug Store News Excited to see itSpray partner with Drug Store News in June. This publication is the heart & soul for so many retailers itSpray is honored to share our products with readers.   itSpray products are… [more]

Athlete Chargeit

3 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer With itSpray

As we approach the summer months, we tend to grow more relaxed about health and wellness in favor of general relaxation and a care-free attitude. For mental health purposes, time away from work or school is certainly beneficial, but certain… [more]