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At-Home Cardio Kickboxing Workout

A few weeks ago we discussed a few reasons why cardio kickboxing is a great workout. Click here in case you haven’t checked it out yet! I couldn’t simply tell you about all the great things cardio kickboxing has to offer without giving you a chance to try it out. Therefore, I am going to share with you an at-home cardio kickboxing workout that you can do with your body and a chair. The creator of this workout has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years. When COVID-19 came along she had to figure out a new way of doing things, along with the rest of the world. If you want more workout videos like this one, join Lucy’s Premier FitClub on Facebook.

What to expect

Firstly, I’d like to go over what to expect in this at-home cardio kickboxing workout. The routine is 50 minutes long. It begins with a light warm-up that involves jogging in place and butt-kicks. Expect to perform a variety of kicks, punches, and knee strikes as well as tricep dips, squats, and ab workouts. The only items you need for this workout are a chair, a pair of tennis shoes, your body, and a yoga mat (optional). Don’t forget to have water on hand and your favorite tunes to motivate you along. Prepare to sweat and feel the burn of success by the end of the workout. Ultimately, have fun and enjoy moving your beautiful body!

At-home cardio kickboxing workout


Power your workout CHARGEit

CHARGEit is your solution for increased energy. Get the most you can out of this kickboxing workout by powering up beforehand. CHARGEit not only provides you with energy, focus, and mental clarity, but it also contains important B vitamins that the body doesn’t produce on its own.

At-home cardio kickboxing workout