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There’s a Better Way to Stay Healthy

Convenient. Cost-Effective. TSA-Approved.

Bubble image of an airplaneBOOSTit is the oral vitamin spray that keeps your family healthy while on-the-go. Forget about chalky tablets that crumble in your bag, loose powders that require water, or hard-to-swallow pills. Unlike other supplements on the market, BOOSTit is a simple one-step system. Just take a few quick sprays under your tongue and carry on with your day. No mess, no extras, no hassle. Designed for busy moms by a busy mom, it’s the perfect take-along for play dates, soccer games, and even traveling. Our compact and TSA-friendly design fits into any bag, eliminating the need to purchase expensive airport water to mix drinks or swallow pills. At just $1/dose, BOOSTit is the easy, natural, and cost-efficient way to protect your family against germs.

Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Amino Acids

When taken regularly, Vitamin C can lower your blood pressure, improve your iron absorption, and strengthen your immune system. But BOOSTit is more than just your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Our proprietary blend contains amino acids to boost immune cell activity, plus a variety of herbs and minerals to help you maintain total health.

How to Use

A full dose of BOOSTit is 7 sprays. For best results, spray under the tongue and allow it to sit for 10 seconds before swallowing.