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Tips for Sleep, including itSpray’s DREAMit from San Diego

Sleep better San Diego, with itSpray’s DREAMit

Ashley Jacobs and the team at CBS 8 in San Diego want to help you sleep better.

Dr. Atul Malhotra, a sleep expert, discusses the importance of sleep to your routine.

Ashley Jacobs shares her favorite sleep products. She wants to make sure you get the sleep Dr Malhotra suggests. One of the suggested products is DREAMit by itSpray.

CBS 8 San Diego if you want to watch. This one is falls into the category of don’t try this at home. Some how Ashley Jacobs convinced the anchors to try DREAMit sleep spray on a monring show. The results… mmm this tastes good. itSpray was the last product tested, so we are sure how the rest of their morning went, but… they may have been a little sleepy.

Suggested Sleep Products

Because we know sleep is all about a routine, itSpray wants to share some of the other highlighted products:

Petite Plume Pajamas

Infinity Pillow


So moisturize with Ultra Violet, get cozy in Petite Plume PJ’s, take up to 7 sprays of DREAMit and have a great night sleep on an Infinity Pillow.

Ashley is all about helping you create your best sleep routine.

itSpray DREAMit sleep spray

Why DREAMit by itSpray for Sleep?

The advanced technology in DREAMit Sleep Spray helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up with no groggy mornings. When you spray up to 7 sprays of DREAMit under your tongue, it is immediately transported to the blood stream. This makes it 9x more absorbent than pills powders and gummies. DREAMit also works in seconds to minutes because it doesn’t have to go through the digestive system and breakdown like an old school pill. Wait but there’s more. Our proprietary formula includes 5HTP & Valerian Root for anti-stress/calming and melatonin for sleep. Liquid Vitamins are able to create a more well rounded blend than a handful of pills. What you need to ease your racing mind and get restful sleep is in a small one ounce bottle.

All you have to lose is a great night sleep Buy