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Spray, a Better Way to Send Vitamins Straight into your Body.

Spray Better Vitamins

Spray Vitamins are highly concentrated liquid vitamins. A 1 oz spray is compact, east to carry and contains 25+ uses. Each “dose” is up to 7 sprays. On average DREAMit consumers use 3-4 sprays for a restful night sleep.

Research provides reasons to choose Spray Vitamins

Medicare Europe tells us why to choose liquid:

  • “The body does not need to break down a liquid extract, allowing more of the medicinal properties to be absorbed into the system. This makes an extract much more powerful than a capsule or tablet.
  • When using capsules or tablets, the body must first extract or break down the medicinal properties of the herb to put them in liquid form in the stomach.
  • Liquid extracts take 1-4 minutes to assimilate.
  • Capsules or tablets (pills) can take from 20-30 minutes just to break down, before the body can even start to assimilate them.
  • The body uses 98% of our liquid extracts.
  • The body only utilizes approximately 39-53% of capsules or tablets. Guess where the remainder ends up?”

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Oral Absorption

Spray Vitamins have the highest absorption rate

In fact, the Physician’s Desk Reference states that 85-90% of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed in 22 to 30 seconds.
Compare this to hours it takes for the nutrients in pills to be absorbed by the body. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that only 10%-20% of the nutrients in pills actually are absorbed. The National Advisory Board state that 100 mg consumed in tablet form translates into a concentration of only 8.3 mg or 8.3% in the blood. A pilot study evaluating the bioavailability and absorption rates of two vitamin B-12 preparations in normal human subjects, demonstrated that absorption rate was significantly increased when dosing was in a liquid rather than solid form. Liquid medicine is the preferred method of delivery in hospitals from emergency rooms to patient care because of the immediate benefits for the patient. While there is nothing wrong with a capsule or tablet, there are proven findings that show a liquid extract to be more powerful, beneficial and fast acting.

Absorption rates

itSpray a better way to spray your vitamins

Now that you know why oral spray is a better vitamin solution, what next?


BOOSTit for immune support. Whether it is cold season, travel season or school support your immune system year round. itSpray uses a proprietary blend of Vitamins & Minerals including Vitamin C. A large percent of your immune health starts in your gut. L-Glutamine supports gut health, so 7 sprays a day for immune support from the inside out.

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CHARGEit for sustained energy, mental clarity and total health. Containing B Vitamins that Vegans may not get in their diet is only one benefit. Whether it is pre-work out for sustained energy or post to recharge CHARGEit can help. In addition, ginseng and gingko help with focus and mental clarity. So don’t just guzzle an energy shot or espresso, do something good for your body.

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DREAMit to fall asleep and stay asleep. When it is time to sleep you don’t want to plan. itSpray uses a proprietary blend to calm your mind and help you sleep. Because oral spray takes seconds to minutes, you don’t have to plan– like with a pill. Melatonin reacts to light. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Melatonin just doesn’t work for me.”? itSpray agrees, that is why we blend 5HTP and Valerian root with Melatonin. Our proprietary blend supports all stages of sleep. Your body needs to first release serotonin to relax then melatonin is useful.

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