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DREAMit, newsworthy from Sheridan Road

October issue of Sheridan Road features DREAMit

Sheridan Road suggests you check out Dreamit for sleep, it is newsworthy. itSpray is proud to be featured with great brands like Isle Jacobsen of Denmark and Fizz from idrinkproducts in Sheridan Road this month.

itSpray package of DREAMit

Sweet Dreams

“Dreaming of a great night’s sleep? This natural herbal sleep aid will help you fall and stay asleep. Unlike a solo melatonin supplement, this spray additionally includes a proprietary blend of 5HTP and Valerian Root to relieve stress and anxiety. Use 10 minutes before going to bed and control your dose. Start with a few sprays and go from there—up to 14 in 24 hours. The formula is gluten-free with no fillers or binders, so it absorbs quickly—sleep tight.”


All you have to lose

is a month of great sleep. Try DREAMit by itSpray, we guarantee you will love it Buy


Why DREAMit works for better sleep.

DREAMit has a unique formula that calms your mind and supports a great night of sleep. Formula is important because you need more than a melatonin pill to calm your racing mind. Ingredients like Valarian Root and 5-HTP work to release seratonin and ease stress, while melatonin supports restful quality sleep.

Speed is important

In recent studies is has been shown that losing just 16 minutes of sleep a night can make you less productive at work

DREAMit uses a sublingual delivery system, which means the digestive system is bypassed. This leads to greater absorption in less time than taking a pill or gummy. Sublingual delivery allows you to feel the affects in seconds to minutes vs breaking down a pill.

Thank you for finding DREAMit Newsworthy!

SHeridan Road DREAMit


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