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itSpray no fillers, no binders, just like you

itSpray, Oral Spray Vitamins, doesn’t require fillers and binders.

Fillers in pills and powders are a leading cause of stomach irritation. itSpray spray vitamins are a highly concentrated liquid, that doesn’t require fillers and binders. Our sublingual delivery system bypasses your digestive system for faster acting, higher absorption into your body and all of the good stuff you want.

What are fillers and binders?

Let’s define them separately based on natural stacks inc definitions


“These are used to “bulk” a product up so that it’s actually less potent than it looks. If a product in powder form is unusually inexpensive, you should take another look at the ingredient list for any fillers.”


“These are products that hold ingredients together, usually to keep them in the “shape” of a tablet. They may also be used to add volume if the amount of the active ingredient in the actual pill is very low. Lactose and sucrose are sometimes used as binders, so those who are lactose intolerant should pay careful attention.”


“Coatings such as gelatin are sometimes used to make capsules smoother and easier to swallow. Gelatin is made from animal products, so vegans will want to look for other options.”

Coloring and Flavoring:

“Many inexpensive products like vitamins use artificial colors to make them look more appealing. In most cases these will be natural, but it’s worth taking a look at the labels.”

If you want to read more about fillers and binders Natural Stacks Inc article explains

itSpray oral spray liquid vitamins, no filler no binder.

Whether you need to BOOST your immune health, CHARGE your energy or DREAM to sleep, eliminate fillers and binders in your diet with itSpray.

Your body doesn’t need them and neither does our highly concentrated liquid vitamin. Because itSpray is liquid and not powder we don’t fill our product with anything but what your body needs.

Change is hard, we know you have been talking those bulky pills and capsules for years, but now is your time. itSpray spray vitamins will help you change your routine. Ready to buy? Buy We guarantee that you will love this new format or we will refund your money.

What do you need in your routine?

Do you travel a lot? Work in health care? Just want to support your immune system with daily doses of Vitamin C? BOOSTit is the product you are looking for today.

Lacking Energy? Vegan and need B Vitamins? Afternoon slump, need a little more focus? Try CHARGEit for sustained energy. Somedays you need 1 spray, 2 or up to 7 sprays at a time.

Sleep is essential to overall health. There are two stages of sleep. DREAMit helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. Liquid enters the body fast and works fast. Get ready to sleep.

itSpray gives you what you need with no filler, no binder required.

Cutting Edge Solution, Proven Performance: Immunity, Energy, Sleep

itSpray spray vitamins