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JustLuxe Names BoostIt As An Essential For Summer Travel

BoostIt As An Essential For Summer Travel

JustLuxe knows how important it is to stay healthy during travel. BOOSTit is a great way to support your immune system everyday, including when you travel. In every 1 oz bottle, there are 25 doses. 1 oz also means you can throw it in your carry-on, purse, backpack or suitcase and glide through TSA at the airport. When it comes to packing for a summer vacation, I like to take the same approach – always including things in my suitcase designed to make my travels easier and, therefore, more enjoyable. Stay healthy to travel more and see the world this summer. BOOSTit is also great for cold and flu season. You can keep it in your pocket 365 days a year.

Forget the chalky tablets and powders that require water or hard to swallow pills. Just 7 quick sprays under your tongue of BOOSTit and on with your day! BOOSTit has ingredients that are good for your body and supports your immune system like vitamin C, when taken regularly has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve iron absorption and strengthen the immune system. It also has Zinc that supports skin & strengthens nails to keep you looking fabulous, and feeling great!

Let’s be real. Airports are filled with germs that are known to cause everything from eye infections to influenza. I always make sure to travel with immune boosters like BOOSTit, which is essential for summer travel. For other essentials Read More