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Why We Use 5-HTP in DREAMit, better sleep

Falling asleep happens in  2 stages- Seratonin release and Melatonin.

Great sleep products help your body natural release the hormones required for sleep. Over the Counter PM products leverage pain killer and anti-histamines your body doesn’t need. Solo Melatonin pills require planning for sleep because it takes 30-60 minutes for them to move through the digestive system. Why we use 5HTP in DREAMit is for better sleep and a better sleep routine. It is a natural way to help relax your mind and ease you into sleep.

When you want sleep you want it now.

In an article by YAHOO, we see that losing just 16 minutes of sleep can ruin your day.

DREAMit gives you back those 16 minutes because itSpray uses an advanced delivery system and propritetary sleep support formula.

How sublingual delivery works

When you spray 1-7 sprays of DREAMit under your tongue it is immediately absorbed into your blood stream. Oral spray technology completely bypasses the digestive system and goes straight to where you need it. Doctors use similar technology in the ER. When a patient is having a heart attack nitroglycerin is administered under the tongue. Doctors know minutes count in an emergency and YAHOO shared with us why minutes count in your sleep routine.

Sleeping in two stages

Mind racing, can’t stop thinking about the day? Don’t worry you’re in the majority of Americans. Have you ever heard some one say, “Melatonin just doesn’t work for me”? If you’re wondering why let’s discuss for a minute. Once you are asleep there are sleep cycles — Deep Sleep, REM sleep and light sleep. However, your body relies on two hormones to put you to sleep and stay asleep. First is Serotonin, this is the stress relief and calming hormone. DREAMit uses ingredients like 5-HTP, an amino acid and Valerian Root, an ancient herb, to promote calming and to relax your mind. Melatonin is something your body produces and releases naturally. But did you know that if you take Melatonin during the day it can actually give you energy? That is right Melatonin responds to light. DREAMit leverages Melatonin to help you stay asleep and wake up rested. Now you know why we use 5HTP in DREAMit

You know why DREAMit uses 5HTP

Our question for you is — why aren’t you using DREAMit?


DREAMit Sleep Spray

Another advantage of our advance technology delivery system is the ability to more precisely dose yourself. you can take upto 7 sprays at a time of DREAMit. On average our heavy users require 3-4 sprays to fall asleep. We hear from many people that they use 1 or 2 in the middle of the night after a bathroom run or some other sleep interruption. A 1 oz bottle of DREAMit has 25+ doses so you are set for better sleep.