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BOOSTit Featured in Modern Mom’s Travel Must Have

Thank you to Modern Mom for including BOOSTit as a travel must have this summer.

Nothing is better than having one of your favorite blog’s share our favorite immunity spray. BOOSTit immune support spray is a daily dose of good stuff your body needs to stay healthy however you’re hitting the road. THANK YOU to Modern Mom for BOOSTit being featured as a Modern Mom’s Travel Must Have


“itSpray is a smart way to boost your immune system while you travel. 7 quick sprays of Boost under your tongue and a proprietary blend of vitamins and herbs quickly enter your system to keep you from feeling run down and keep those foreign travel germs at bay!


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WHY BOOSTit for your immune system.

Traveling on planes there are germs everywhere! But forget the planes… focus on the grocery store! Do you wipe down the shopping cart before using it? Carry hand sanitizer to the playground? Time to start carrying BOOSTit too! the convenient 1 oz container fits in a purse, backpack, and diaper bag. Filled with things your body needs to stay healthy like VITAMIN C. Yes, that is a key ingredient to support immune health. But guess what… Last fun fact? Your body does not naturally make Vitamin C. Ok second last fact.. Vitamin C isn’t stored either. So what does that mean? You really do need to get Vitamin C in your diet every day. For fast fun and portable 7 sprays of BOOSTit under your tongue every day.