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BELLO Magazine featured itSpray’s DREAMit (Gift Guide)

Another gift guide, this time DREAMit was featured by BELLO.

DREAMit is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who needs a few more zzzzzz’s. itSpray uses a sublingual delivery system, which means faster delivery and high absorption than taking a pill. Spray between 1 and 7 sprays under your tongue (Average is 3-4) just before bed. DREAMit by passes the digestive system so your start feeling the affects in minutes. That is why BELLO Mag has included DREAMit in their Holiday Gift Guide.

itSpray package of DREAMit

Can’t stop thinking about your to do list?

DREAMit is specialty formulated to help you, not only sleep but get quality sleep. Ingredients like 5-HTP & Valarian Root are included to support relaxation. itSpray knows sometimes shutting down a racing brain is hard. We want to support you! Our formula comes in one compact bottle, no need to guess which vitamins, herbs and amino acids you should take. Forget swallowing a handful of pills. Here at itSpray we think sleep should be WAY easier than the good old melatonin pill. Crawl into bed, Spray between 1 and 7 sprays of DREAMit under your tongue and our custom blend will help relax your brain, drift into dreamland and get the quality night sleep you have on your Holiday list.

Our gift to you

When you buy DREAMit for anyone on your list this season use promo code DREAMITBOGO we will give you a DREAMit free for you. Our way of saying you deserve it, after all of the shopping, decorating and good cheer!


Thank you BELLO Magazine

So proud to be included with iconic brands like nine west. itSpray loves the Wine Society and Colonel Popper too. Whether it is classic or innovative BELLO Mag has a handle on all of the trends. DREAMit brings innovation to the sleep solution category by removing unnecessary fillers and binders, bypassing the digestive system and supporting a restorative night sleep. BELLO Mag including DREAMit in the gift guide is a dream, come true.


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