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Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

Summer break doesn’t give the kids an excuse to completely veg out. It’s important to make sure your kids stay active and healthy not only for their physical health but for their mental health as well! This article discusses three ways to keep your kids active this summer.

Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

1. Limit their screen time

It’s no secret that too much screen time isn’t good for you, especially before bedtime. Therefore, set a time limit on your child’s screen time each day. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, children ages 8-12 spend around 4-6 hours per day watching or using screens and teens spend up to 9 hours per day. They recommend only 1 hour of screen time per weekday for children 2-5 years old and 3 hours on the weekends. They also recommend turning off screens 30 minutes to an hour before the child’s bedtime. Too much screen time can lead to many problems for children as well as expose them to harmful and explicit material. It will also take up time that your kid could be doing something active or outdoors!

2. Sign them up for a summer camp – one that is nature or sport’s oriented

Signing your kids up for a camp not only takes the stress off of you but also allows your kids to make friends and have fun! Try to find a sports camp or an outdoorsy camp that will encourage your kids to be active!

3. Do something active with them

Take your kids on a walk with you or to the park. Participating in the activity with them will motivate them to do it

  1. Take them on neighborhood walks with you
  2. Set up back-yard Olympics – a workout circuit where the kids can win prizes. If you live in an apartment, do it at the local park. For example, do jumping jacks, sprints, push-ups, etc. You can customize it to make it fun for your kids!

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