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Traveling Internationally During the Pandemic

If you are like me, you are probably freaking out about your international travel plans this year. While you may face more difficulties than you would during pre-pandemic times, do not worry. Just make sure to prepare ahead of time and stay flexible in order to adapt to changes in your plans. In this article, I will give you some tips for traveling internationally during the pandemic.

Tips for Traveling Internationally During the Pandemic

Check COVID-19 Requirements for ALL Airlines and Countries

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Although this tip may seem obvious, it is necessary to discuss, because every country and airline has different rules. Pay close attention to “and/or” language. Some countries require a negative test AND the vaccine. Others may require either a negative test OR the vaccine. Additionally, some countries require a specific COVID test, like the PCR one. Check all of the COVID-19 requirements at least a week in advance to give yourself enough time for testing. You do not want to arrive in a foreign country without the proper paperwork. You can easily check the requirements online or through the airline’s app. I also recommend downloading the TripIt app which lays out your flight clearly and allows you to look at a COVID-19 summary for the country you’re traveling to.

Get to the Airport Plenty Early

traveling internationally during the pandemic








Usually, airlines recommend passengers to arrive at the airport 2 hours early for a domestic flight and 3 hours early for an international flight. Arriving early is even more important during the pandemic because of the extra precautions airlines take.

Bring the Right Mask

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There is no doubt you will have to wear a mask at the airport and for your entire flight. You’ll want to plan for around 24-30 hours of straight mask-wearing. Therefore, I would highly recommend one that is light and breathable. Some types of masks are not allowed depending on the airline. Bandanas, masks with a valve, and face shields are usually prohibited. Make sure to check the guidelines beforehand.

Travel with DREAMit!

DREAMit Sleep Spray








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