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Tips to Overcome Exercise Burnout this Year

We have officially reached the point in the year where everyone is trying to get that summer body. While sticking to a strict work-out routine is great, it can eventually get old if you don’t change things up. For instance, I feel mentally and physically drained from repeating the same workout routine week after week. I begin to lose motivation and slowly let my goals slip away from me. If you can relate, keep reading. I am going to discuss a few tips to overcome exercise burnout this year so you can continue to achieve your goals!

Change up your exercise routine

Instead of doing the same exercises every time you work your arms or legs, change it up. Many websites and Youtube videos provide great exercises and instructions on how to do them. Change up your cardio as well. For example, alternate between running, doing the Stairmaster or elliptical, biking, etc.

Do exercises you enjoy

When it comes to working out, it is definitely good to challenge yourself, but make sure you include exercises you enjoy as well. For example, one day I did not feel like lifting weights or running. Instead of skipping the gym, I played racquetball. The key is to get your body moving on a regular basis. Your workouts don’t have to consist of hardcore, gut-wrenching exercises to count.

Do NOT restrict your diet

Please, please, please do not restrict your diet. Listen to your body and try to make regular healthy choices, but life is too short to cut out all the foods you enjoy. Not to mention, you’ll have inadequate energy if you workout and fail to refuel your body properly. If you struggle with your relationship with food check out our blog titled, “Restore Your Relationship With Food.”

Make time to recover after exercise

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According to the National Institute for Fitness & Sport (NIFS), failing to recover can lead to injuries. When you lift weights, you put your muscles under stress. It’s important to give your body time to adapt to this stress and repair the muscles. The 5 recovery techniques listed by the NIFS include sleep, hydrating and eating, massages, contrast therapy (alternating between an ice bath and hot shower), or just an ice bath. If you struggle to sleep at night or maintain a consistent sleep routine, try DREAMit, our natural solution for a good night’s rest.

I hope that these tips to overcome exercise burnout help you achieve your goals this year!