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The Student’s Guide to Finishing Strong

I am currently three weeks away from finals and less than a year away from college graduation – I graduate this December! Finding the motivation to push through and do my best these last few weeks is difficult, to say the least. Whether you are a high school or college student, you can probably relate to this feeling of burnout. If you’re a student, then this is your guide to finishing strong. You’ve already gotten this far, don’t give up now!

Student’s Guide to Finishing Strong

Continue to plan and set goals

When the year is almost over, it’s easy to check out and stop caring. It’s a slippery slope that you do not want to go down. Continue to use your planner and prioritize. Set goals that you have for the end of the school year to motivate you, whether it’s an academic or physical goal. School is like a marathon, not a sprint. Continue at the pace you were going when you started the school year, don’t slow down!

Get enough sleepstudent's guide to finishing strong

While it may be tempting to scroll through social media at midnight on a school night, try to avoid it. As mentioned in a previous blog, the Sleep Foundation recommends unplugging 30-60 minutes before bed. This is because the blue light emitted from your phone and computer screens decreases melatonin production in your body. Melatonin is also known as the sleep hormone. If you struggle to get 7 hours or more of sleep each night and feel like you have tried everything, give DREAMit a try! DREAMit is your solution to a restful night’s sleep. It absorbs under the tongue in less than 30 seconds and works quickly.

Take time for yourself

You may feel overwhelmed by projects and studying for finals, but make sure you take time to relax and take time to yourself. It’s hard to finish strong if you are completely burnt out. Watch a t.v. show you enjoy at the end of the night, read a good book or listen to music. Just do something you enjoy.