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Take Charge and Celebrate the Holiday of Your Dreams

Take Charge and Celebrate the Holiday of Your Dreams

Ah, Christmastime—family, food, lights, packages and bows. Isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year? If you answered no to this question, you are not alone. According to, 88% of Americans believe that this time is actually the most stressful time of the year. Unfortunately, the chaos of shopping, spending money, making plans to see family, etc. keep people from enjoying the holidays. In addition to the typical holiday stress, there still exists the craziness from this past year. Consequently, no one can deal with any added pressure. Nonetheless, itSpray is here to make this season the most wonderful time of the year again. Take charge and celebrate the holiday of your dreams with our CHARGEit and DREAMit gift packs.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Don’t miss out on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale! Get 50% off of our new CHARGEit and DREAMit gift packs with the promo code TURKEY50. This sale goes until midnight on Cyber Monday.

Get the ENERGY you need!

CHARGEit, solution for energy

Get the energy you need to take charge of the holiday season! CHARGEit has ingredients like Ginseng to help fight fatigue as well as Ginko Biloba to enhance cardiovascular function and provide mental clarity. It also contains B vitamins like B3 that provide anti-aging properties, so you won’t feel like you’ve aged 10 years on January  1.

Get the SLEEP your body deserves!

DREAMit, solution for sleepIf you travel and stay with family on Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may find it more difficult to sleep well. Time off work and school is the best time to rest and catch up on sleep. Don’t let the stress and excitement keep you up at night. DREAMit contains natural ingredients like 5HTP and Valerian  Root to calm your mind. It also releases serotonin to ease stress and anxiety.

Perfect Gifts

The CHARGEit and DREAMit gift packs make the perfect gifts for friends and family. Everyone will appreciate the gift of energy and improved sleep. Whether you are buying for your sister, a mother of five who needs more energy, or your dad, the insomniac, these gift packs are sure to satisfy their needs.