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Nourish Your Mind and Body with Nature

As the temperatures rise and days lengthen, all I want to do is go outside. The winter months are difficult for me, and many others, because I’m trapped inside the house. Unfortunately, most of us rely on our phones and the internet for comfort and company during these months. As spring transitions to summer, I challenge you to disconnect every day and nourish your mind and body with nature. Doing so will help your heart and emotional health as well. This article discusses a few of the many ways to enjoy nature and its benefits.

Nourish your mind and body by walking

When I feel like I am on the verge of a mental breakdown, I leave my dorm room and go on a walk. During this time, I disconnect from technology to clear my mind. Walking is not only good for your body but according to Walking for Health, it also improves self-esteem, mood, sleep, anxiety, and even fatigue.

Spend time with animals

Animals are a beautiful gift that nature has to offer. You can nourish your mind and body by spending time with animals. If you don’t have a pet, adopt or spend time with a friend’s pet. On my college campus, we have dairy cows and barn kittens. The other day in the midst of a mental breakdown, I visited the cows and kittens. It was extremely therapeutic for me and helped me calm down and take control of my emotions.

Please enjoy this cuteness overload from my friends at the barn!

nourish your mind and body with nature

Say hello to Valentino


Barn kitty









Benefits of the Outdoors

One of the major benefits of spending time outdoors is the vitamin D the sun gives you. According to Harvard Health, vitamin D may have some disease-fighting powers, and unfortunately, Americans do not have enough of this vitamin. The natural light from the sun also contributes to elevated moods and a shorter healing time –  after surgery for instance.

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