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itSpray as Part of Your Healthy Routine

Importance of Routines for Good Health

Thank you to blogger Victoria H, Editor of Work at Home Journey, for sharing healthy routine ideas for your late 20’s. At itSpray, we know that there lies tons of value in healthy routines, for all ages. She recommends that you use itSpray, as part of your healthy routine.

Check out Work at Home Journey for more insights on healthy habits.

Taking Care of the Immune System

Victoria touches on the importance of vitamins or supplements when it comes to immunity. She recommends itSpray:

“I personally can’t swallow pills so I usually have to take chewable or gummies and not all vitamins taste well. I was taking Airborne, but I only like the grapefruit and very berry ones, which are hard to find without the other flavors AND it was becoming a huge waste of money with me being miss picky so I switched to itSpray.”

itSpray, as the name hints, is a spray form of vitamins that you spray under your tongue such that the nutrients directly enter the bloodstream for instantaneous absorption. The best part is it doesn’t contain any sugar or calories.

We love how astute her observations are on the advantages of spray vitamins.

Boosting the Quality Sleep

The average adult doesn’t get 8 hours of sleep a night. But did you know that just 16 more minutes a night can increase your productivity?

DREAMit uses advance spray technology to get immediately into the bloodstream, so you feel the effects in seconds to minutes. The proprietary formula helps calm your mind, get restful sleep and not wake up groggy.

itSpray DREAMit sleep spray


Staying Active with Regular Workouts

Workout is whatever you define it as, but move your body. CHARGEit pre workout gives you sustained energy with no crash. Loaded with B-Vitamins your body needs anyway, add CHARGEit before you start moving to up your game.

Athlete Chargeit


Which itSpray do you need to be part of your healthy routine? Take a look at our selection.