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How to Build a Healthy Immune System, and Why It Matters

In conversations of health and wellness, we hear the term “immune system” thrown around a lot in reference to general wellbeing. That being said, what, exactly, does this system actually entail? More importantly, what about the immune system is worth improving? How can we support a healthy immune system?


What is the immune system?

The immune system is one of twelve biological systems in the human body, with the core function of protecting the body from disease. When germs attack the body, the immune system is responsible for recording the features of the microbe. These “records” ensure that future attacks from the same germs can be defeated more efficiently. This is the basic concept behind vaccination and immunity.


What does it mean to “boost” a healthy immune system?

Poor health and nutrition can contribute to a weak immune system. Of course, a weakened immune system essentially means the body is more prone to infection. Medical News Today even finds that a weakened immune system can lead to dangerous conditions such as skin infection, inflammation of internal organs, blood disorders, and digestive issues.


Ergo, “boosting” the immune system simply means taking healthy measures to provide the body with better nutrition and circulation through exercise.


How can supplements & vitamins help?

Certain minerals and vitamins are essential to a healthy immune system. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A are all minerals that help an immune system function efficiently. Ideally, you get these vitamins through diet alone; however, for the average adult, diet is not always sufficient when it comes to these minerals. Therefore, taking supplements can prove very helpful in prioritizing the health of the immune system.

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What form of vitamins works the best?

When taking vitamins, what is most important is prioritizing the rate of absorption. Massive, hard-to-swallow pills are not only difficult to ingest regularly. Additionally, pills also take longer to absorb into the body. The BOOSTit Immunity Vitamin Spray provides the essential minerals for the immune system in a spray method. On the other hand, the spray method allows for instantaneous absorption. Thus, the BOOSTit Spray is the most efficient way to promote immunity and general health as a result.