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Focus on Building Strength Over Being Skinny

Ladies. Our bodies are truly amazing and strong. They perform so many vital functions for us and endure everything from childbirth to menopause. Of course, many times the first thought that comes to our minds when we think about our body is everything wrong with it. We wish our waist was smaller and our booty was bigger. We wish our skin was clearer and smoother and that our stretch marks would just disappear. Our new year’s resolutions become an attempt to lose weight and shrink ourselves instead of strengthening our already amazing bodies. Today, I want to discuss why you should focus on building strength over being skinny.

Building strength…

  1. Speeds up your metabolism

    The more muscle that you have, the higher your metabolism. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who have more muscle burn more calories during exercise and at rest. Therefore, you can eat more to maintain your muscle mass and keep your metabolism up.

  2. Protects you from injury

    Freshman year of college, I worked as a housekeeper in a hotel. One day, we had to lift mattresses to vacuum under the beds. In the process of lifting a mattress, I pulled my low-back muscles. I ended up in physical therapy where I was told that I hurt myself because I had virtually no core strength. This fact did not surprise me, because I did not make time to work out my freshman year. After my injury had healed, I made a commitment to focus on strength-building so that I wouldn’t injure myself again. During the process, I ended up losing the infamous freshman 15 I had originally gained as well. Although my weight remained the same, I replaced the fat with muscle.

  3. Does not make you bulky

    One of the most common misconceptions about weight-lifting among women is that it will make them bulky and masculine. This statement could not be farther from the truth. Unless you take steroids and eat monstrous amounts of protein, then you have no chance of turning into the incredible hulk. In fact, lifting heavy will actually make you look leaner. According to Molly Grabaith from, one pound of lean muscle takes up around 20% less space than one pound of fat. Thus, she says, if you lose 5lbs of fat but gain 5lbs of muscle, you will weigh the same but look slimmer.

  4. Makes you feel like a boss

    When you focus on building strength over being skinny, you will feel like a boss. You will have more energy and an overall boosted morale. You are so much stronger and more capable than you know. Your body is an instrument through which you can live out your purpose, which goes beyond its appearance. Therefore, love it, nourish it, and strengthen it.

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