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Check Out itSpray Featured on Living 808

Check Out itSpray Featured on Living 808

Another great segment on Tuesday! Thank you KHON2 for hanging with us again. Check out itSpray featured on Living 808 if you haven’t already:

“The itSpray Vitamins provide Immunity Boost, Energy & Sleep Support”

Honolulu (KHON2)- The average person worries about illness during winter months more than during summer months. Why is that? Well, there are lots of misconceptions about the function of immunity, and when/where it matters. We’re here to help explain why immunity matters a LOT during warmer months especially when in Hawaii, it’s summer all year round.

Kimberly Stiele is the founder of Benespray, the maker of three unique vitamin sprays.

“As a mother of two and a tenured CPG executive, our company’s mission is to provide cutting edge alternatives for better health that outperform traditional pills, powders, and gummies. Also, providing solutions for your busy life. From one mom to another, time is a valuable commodity. Second only to giving your kids something that is good for them without complaints.”

The three sublingual sprays are:

CHARGEit –For Sustained energy, a variety of B-Vitamins to support a healthy lifestyle along with Gingko & Ginseng to support focus.

DREAMit- provides anxiety support in addition to sleep support. DREAMit’s natural ingredients & easy dosing are your anytime sleep solution.

BOOSTit- Packed with nutrients to support your body’s immune system, support gut health & shorten the duration of a cold

Stiele also helped with the misconception that just because we live in a warmer climate that somehow we are less susceptible.

“There are lots of misconceptions about the function of immunity, and when/where it matters. It’s true, during warmer months people tend to let their guard down. Because of the warmer weather people are less worried about illness. Therefore, people tend to take fewer preventative health measures. Remember: it’s critical to continue protecting immunity during summer months. Risk of illness does not disappear just because the weather is nicer.  No one thing is going to be the magic bullet, rather a combination of several things Taking immunity-boosting supplements and extra sleep can help.”

There’s no need to ruin summer with constant paranoia. Exposure to germs is an inevitable truth of life, and the human body is pretty good at defending us. Ultimately, all we can do is maintain a healthy lifestyle, and let our bodies do the rest. Enjoy the beautiful state you live in, and do what you can to maintain strong immunity! Our sprays can help.”

itSpray - Living 808

Thank you Hawaii!

Living 808 featuring itSpray was a hit once again. We appreciate all of you in Hawaii.

Even in warm, beautiful climates like Hawaii, it is important to fortify your immune system.

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