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A Working Mom’s Guide to Health & Nutrition

A Working Mom’s Guide to Health & Nutrition. When juggling work, life, and family, mothers can often feel hard-pressed to create balance in their lives. Making time for yourself, however, is essential to making the most of your life as a working mom. Whether you need a vitamin boost to your system or a new workout routine, here are the pillars of self-care that allow busy moms to have it all.

Making Time for Your Health & Your Family

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1. Exercise

Keeping your body moving at any age is an essential component of a healthy life. Exercise is an excellent stress-reliever and promotes overall wellness, particularly in your heart and joints. If you’re having trouble finding time in your busy schedule to work out, try an early morning routine to fuel the rest of your day. Even if you’re not a morning person, the assistance of a vitamin spray like CHARGEit can give you a quick boost of energy for your morning run.

Sometimes your joints don’t necessarily agree with a high-impact cardio workout. Opting for cycling or swimming can be suitable solutions for your joint health, as they keep the workout low impact while strengthening those tender areas. Stretching after all physical activity will keep your muscles limber and limit soreness, so you can feel healthy and active throughout your whole day.


2. Diet

The quality of your diet can have a significant impact on your general wellness. Not only does the food you eat fuel your body for the day, but it also impacts the health of every system in your body. Fill your fridge with real, nutritious foods, fostering a balanced diet filled with fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods as much as possible, which can disrupt your body with excess calories, salt, or chemicals.

Cooking nutritious meals doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Many healthy recipes will require only five to seven ingredients to curate a delicious dish the whole family will love. Set yourself up for success during the week by prepping in advance on Sundays, whether it’s pre-chopping veggies or putting meat in a marinade. On weeks that your diet lacks, assist your nutrient intake with an immunity supplement. BOOSTit will give you a kickstart with additional vitamins and herbs.


3. Sleep

To make the most of your day, you need a good night’s sleep to come before it. Your time asleep helps your body recover both physically and mentally, which leaves you sharp and energized to take on a busy week. When you don’t get enough rest, it can affect your mood, your memory, your productivity, and even your health. Sleep loss can result in an increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and poor immune health. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will also have a difficult time sticking to other wellness goals with diet and exercise.

To combat that sluggish feeling, make conscious changes to your nighttime routine that foster quality sleep. Stay off electronics at least 30 minutes before going to bed, and set your bedtime earlier to give you a better shot at seven to eight hours of rest. On nights when you’re tossing and turning, a sleep aid can help increase melatonin levels in your system to get to sleep. Vitamin sprays, like DREAMit, are particularly effective, as the under-the-tongue, quick-absorbing application helps get you to sleep as soon as possible.


4. Mindset

Reaching your wellness goals can only last long-term with the right outlook on your health. Find healthy meals or workouts that you enjoy to establish a positive outlook on diet and exercise. Bring your kids along on your health journey; add a strap-in seat on the back of your bike or have them help prep for dinner with you in the kitchen. These moments allow your self-care to include your little ones, blending your love for your family with your growing passion for fitness and nutrition.

While it won’t be easy to motivate yourself every day to break a sweat or cook a nutritious meal, plan ahead, and make time for yourself to foster your success. While it can feel counterintuitive to focus on yourself with a family, taking those moments of self-care gives you the energy for more quality moments with your kids. On days that you opt for take-out instead of a home-cooked dinner or snooze through your morning workout, accept it as a moment of balance and consciously decide to do better tomorrow.


When you need a little help to support a healthy lifestyle, itSpray’s line of vitamin sprays will keep you on track. For more information about our products, give us a call today at (813) 461-5566.