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3 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer With itSpray

As we approach the summer months, we tend to grow more relaxed about health and wellness in favor of general relaxation and a care-free attitude. For mental health purposes, time away from work or school is certainly beneficial, but certain precautions should be taken to keep your body in fighting shape. Keep these tips in mind as you swap out your winter coat for a beach towel, and enjoy staying healthy this summer! 


1. Apply sunscreen regularly to keep your skin healthy this summer.

It’s no secret that excessive sun exposure is toxic to our skin. Sun exposure can heighten risk of melanoma from ultraviolet radiation. Thus, wellness during the summer months involves consistent and thorough application of sunscreen. Aim for a minimum of SPF 30, and be sure to reapply often. Remember that sunscreen is not just for the beach. In fact, even brief UV ray exposure from walking around outdoors can yield detrimental health effects. Plan ahead, and bring sunscreen everywhere to stay healthy this summer!


2. Stay cool. 

Summer is the time to be outdoors! Enjoying fresh air and nature proves to be highly beneficial for our mental health. However, precautions should be taken to avoid overheating or dehydration. When spending hours in direct sun exposure or high temperatures, be sure to bring water and stay hydrated. To stay healthy this summer, take breaks to rest in the shade to avoid heat exhaustion (high pulse, general fatigue, and fainting). 


3. Protect your immunity when in public places. 

During the summer months, we spend time on public beaches, in pools, at backyard cookouts, and generally in contact with a higher concentration of strangers. Therefore, it’s critical to prioritize your immunity and take care of your internal systems to avoid sickness or infection. itSpray mouth sprays–the BOOSTit spray in particular–is a fantastic way to help strengthen your immune system and aid in overall wellness. Throw it in your beach bag, and enjoy the neighborhood pool without worries of an awful summer cold!


So, this summer, plan ahead before heading out into the sun for some much-needed stress relief and recuperation. Take a moment to consider small habits that can make a massive difference in protecting your health!