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3 Reasons Why Immunity Matters More During Summer

The average person worries about illness during winter months more than during summer months. Why is that? Well, there are lots of misconceptions about the function of immunity, and when/where it matters. We’re here to help explain why immunity matters a LOT during summer months.


What is immunity?

“Immunity” refers to the strength of one’s immune system. The immune system is responsible for fighting off germs which attack the body. In other words, the immune system defends against potential infection. Certain aspects of our immune system are beyond our control. However, according to Harvard Health Publishing, “your [body’s] first line of defense is a healthy lifestyle.” Though many people tend to ignore immunity during summer months, it’s actually more important than ever.


1. More time outside.

This one is obvious. Spending more time outdoors calls for stronger immunity. Public environments–beaches, parks, fields, picnic tables–harbor unknown germs. Now, do not confuse our message: spending time outside is great for our health. From Vitamin D to exercise for cardiovascular health, the outdoors are great for physical and mental health. That being said, it’s important to maintain strong immunity in order to make outdoor adventures as safe as possible. 


2. Large gatherings.

During summertime, people spend more time gathering with friends and family. Good weather provides endless opportunities for barbecues, beach days, graduation celebrations, pool parties, etc. With large gatherings, however, comes heightened exposure. Boosting our immunity is essential, particularly when we are exposed to more individuals carrying their own germs. 


3. Carefree attitude. 

Summer relaxation is absolutely a good thing. Make no mistake there. That being said, during summer months, people tend to let their guard down. During winter months, everyone worries about catching a cold. The perception of higher risk leads people to take preventative measures, like immunity-boosting supplements, extra sleep, and medication to reduce symptoms. Because of the warmer weather of summer, though, people are less worried about illness. Therefore, people tend to take fewer preventative health measures. Remember: it’s critical to continue protecting immunity during summer months. Risk of illness does not disappear just because the weather is nicer. 

There’s no need to ruin summer with constant paranoia. Exposure to germs is an inevitable truth of life, and the human body is pretty good at defending us. Ultimately, all we can do is maintain a healthy lifestyle, and let our bodies do the rest. Enjoy summer, and do what you can to maintain strong immunity!