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3 Genius Tips to Stop Snacking

One of the main reasons that we often fail to reach our health goals is because of snacking habits. Rather than eating three meals per day, it’s far more common to graze all day. A Mintel study even found that 94% of Americans snack at least once per day. Unfortunately, this all-too-common habit of snacking makes it difficult to lose weight and eat clean. The detrimental effects of snacking can be reduced by opting for cleaner alternatives. In this article, we’ve outlined 3 places to start cracking down on your unhealthy snacking habit. It’s time to stop snacking!


1. Chew gum to stop snacking.

Chewing gum is a great way to reduce snacking. By keeping yourself occupied, you are less likely to think about eating. Keep gum in your car, your purse, and at your desk to pass the time between meals.


2. Stay hydrated to reduce cravings.

At itSpray, we preach about the importance of hydration often. The effects truly cannot be overstated when it comes to health. Often, we aren’t actually hungry: we’re just thirsty. Thus, by staying hydrated, you can help crack down on cravings. 


3. Establish clear routines to eliminate snacking.

Snacking runs rampant when there is no clear routine. When you’re just, well, “hanging out,” and there’s no defined plan: that’s when you snack. To avert this habit, make the decision to set routines for the morning and bedtime. Strongly engrained routines will help you stop snacking.


In the morning, setting a routine is crucial to starting the day off on the right note. Things like drinking water, stretching, and reducing screen time can help with this goal. Another way to start the day right is with supplements, like our BOOSTit spray, to help kickstart your immune system.


At nighttime, establishing good habits can help guarantee a better night of rest. Things like taking a hot shower, avoiding caffeine, and reducing screen time can help. Additionally, taking supplements that go beyond melatonin, like our DREAMit spray, can help ensure a more restful night of sleep.


By enacting these easy tricks into your lifestyle, you’re making an effort to reduce unhealthy snacking. Ultimately, wellness comes down to maintaining small habits to yield a larger result. Start here to stop snacking!