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Back to school= The start of Flu Season

Making Back to School easier for both kids and parents is essential for an easy-going transition. Getting prepared beforehand by packing bags the night before and taking vitamins such as BOOSTit can make or break your flu season. Transitioning from summer to fall can be difficult. The leaves change, the weather becomes colder, and the days become shorter. Having a healthy immune system is key to enjoying the fall festivities.

It’s almost a guarantee that the flu will go around in the fall between kids. We all know the best way to stay clear of colds is by exercising and having a healthy diet. Even doing all of that can still leave out crucial vitamins that protect from illness.  Using a liquid vitamin everyday is an easy way to refuel your body in a quick, flavorful spray. Using an oral spray allows the product to enter your system fast, without the added filler a pill can give you. It also seeps into the bloodstream faster, giving you everything you need fast.

Vitamin C is your immune system’s most prominent supporter. Whether you’re going into a germ-infested school or feel a cold coming on, take a supplement that contains this essential vitamin for a quick immune enhancement. itSpray’s BOOSTit provides the supportive properties of zinc, vitamin C, and echinacea in a convenient 1ml spray. No need to worry about all the germ’s kids get from their classmates! Back to School can be quite the adjustment if you’re not prepared. Doing little tasks such as packing lunch the night before or having extra pencils just in case can ensure a smooth transition.