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Yahoo Finance Shares itSpray, BOOSTit at Circle K

Yahoo Finance Shares itSpray, BOOSTit can be found at CircleK

itSpray, BOOSTit, supports immune health in a convenient spray. So what better place to find it than a convenience store. Containing more Vitamin C than a orange, BOOSTit can be taken every day to support immune health. Yahoo Finance wanted to make sure all of it’s readers heard about itSpray and BOOSTit

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itSpray BOOSTit, immune support why take it?

Most of the country isn’t near a CircleK in AZ or NV. Don’t worry you can still get your hands on BOOSTit. The question comes to mind, why do I need it?

Let’s start with the obvious — Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Herbs that your body needs and uses. Did you know that your body does not produce Vitamins like C or D? Your body relies on nutrition to get vitamins that are critical for optimal health. Are you worried that you don’t get enough vitamins? A lot of people are right wondering does my diet provide everything my body needs? Tough questions, BOOSTit contains more Vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C is one of the most essential parts of immune support.

itSpray package of BOOSTit

Did you the majority of your immune system is in your gut?

What a staggering thought. Keeping your gut healthy also keeps your immune system healthy. In addition to vitamins, your body also uses amino acids. One amino acid is L-Glutamine. The role of L-Glutamine is to block bacterial infiltration, but also to boost immune cell activity in the gut. BOOSTit contains both Vitamin C & L-Glutamine. This powerful combination, taken everyday, along with a well rounded diet, helps your immune system stay strong.

Do you know why you should use a spray?

Let’s start with 46% of adults have a hard time swallowing pills. Sublingual delivery allows you to take 7 quick sprays under your tongue. Under the tongue delivery moves the nutrients straight into your blood stream.

Oral Absorption Absorption rates

it’s time to buy BOOSTit

We know!! We agree.

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