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WFMZ 69 News Update on BOOSTit by itSpray

WFMZ 69 News in the Lehigh Valley, PA Update on BOOSTit by itSpray

BOOSTit by itSpray appreciates the update by Lehigh Valley, PA station WFMZ 69. Even if you aren’t close to a CircleK that is carrying BOOSTit, you can always go to the itSpray website.


For those of you curious about what WFMZ 69 covered here is the entire story:



BOOSTit is packed with immunity strengthening vitamins that your body craves. Whether you are on at home, the grocery store or out for a walk, boost your immunity with a fast dose of Vitamin C (more than an orange), Vitamin D, and Echinacea. You can take BOOSTit every day because these ingredients  work together to build up your immune system. Vitamin C and Echinacea encourage white blood cell production to fight off infections, while L-Glutamine supports gut health. Simply take 7 sweet sprays of BOOSTit under your tongue, then share it with any germ monsters around you.

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Why we love WFMZ (Lehigh Valley)

Do we have a Lehigh Valley connection? We sure do! Benesprays co-founders Kimberly Stiele & George Cinquegrana spent a lot of time in the Lehigh Valley while working for a local candy company. Candy might have been where they got the idea, but better easier, more convenient health solutions is where itSpray is today.

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