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3 Major Differences Between Liquid Vitamins and Pills

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1. Rate of Absorption

When you take a pill, only roughly 10 to 20% of the vitamins and minerals it contains end up in your bloodstream. Meanwhile, the body will take in approximately 98% of a liquid vitamin. This difference comes from how the body processes each type of vitamin. Pills must pass through your digestive tract before their nutrients are absorbed. If you spray the liquid form under your tongue instead, the tissue found there immediately processes the vitamins into your bloodstream, bypassing all digestive processes. The Physician’s Desk Reference even states that 85 to 90% of the nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed within 22 to 30 seconds, meaning faster results.


2. Ease of Use

A massive hurdle to cross with medicine for children and the elderly is making pills easy to swallow. Multivitamins, in particular, often come in substantial capsules that are cumbersome for even a healthy adult to consume. The alternative avoids this difficulty ingesting the medicine simply because it is a liquid. Avoiding digestion is also beneficial to these two demographics. Young children’s immature digestive systems have a harder time breaking down the complexities of a vitamin, while older digestive tracks have the same issue because of weakened digestive enzymes. Liquid vitamins keep that factor out of the equation, delivering nutrients directly and immediately to the bloodstream. Quality formulas like the ones found in every itSpray bottle are sugar-free, naturally sweetened, and gluten-free as well, making them accessible to those with diabetes or wheat allergies.


3. Potency

Due to the absorption rate of liquid vitamins, the nutrients you need pack more of a punch. On average, it can take up to 20 capsules to equal one dose of its liquid counterpart. Their strength, as well as their immediacy of application, are why most hospitals prefer delivering medication in this format. Their patients receive a stronger, more instantaneous benefit from the medicine they receive in liquid form. While potency can be a concern for parents of young kids, itSpray has specifically designed its formula to build upon a singular dose over the course of seven sprays. If you’re not comfortable giving yourself or your child a full dose, only spray once or twice and add to it as you see fit.


Absorption rates


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There are 3 varieties of itSpray. BOOSTit for immune support, CHARGEit for sustained energy and DREAMit for better sleep. Now you know why liquid is better than pills. If you read some of our other blogs you will also understand the advantage of no fillers & binders.

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If you’re not a fan of huge multivitamins or don’t feel the effects of those melatonin pills before bed, itSpray has a better solution. Our line reaps the benefits of liquid absorption with convenient, vitamin-packed sprays. To see for yourself how liquid vitamins can change how you care for your body, give us a call today at (813) 856-5350.