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New itSpray Partnership with AATAC!

itSpray Partnership with AATAC

We are thrilled to announce a brand new itSpray partnership with AATAC. We are so proud of this partnership & honored to see the announcement shared in places like Yahoo News & Markets Financial Content story.

Why Form an itSpray Partnership?

The vitamin industry, what we take, how we take it, is evolving. According to a recent analysis by Reports and Data, the global dietary supplements market valued at USD 140.1 Billion in 2018. Additionally, the same analysis predicts the market to reach USD 216.3 Billion by year 2026, at a CAGR of 5.5%. “With this market seeing rapid growth, itSpray holds a unique position to stand out against traditional supplements. Therefore, we chose our distinctive delivery method because we believe it is ahead of the curve on where the market is going. It not only acts quicker; it gives the consumer the highest abortion of nutrients. Purity, ease-of-use, and convenience,” notes Kimberly Stiele, Founder.


“We are proud to include itSpray in our network. Moreover, their modified twist on energy, immunity, and sleep products with higher quality ingredients is exactly what our retailers need to stay in the forefront of innovation.” Brian Chavez, Member Relations AATAC. Clearly, this new itSpray partnership will yield great success for all those involved.

About AATAC, Our New Partnership:

Our national association is comprised of smaller buying groups, regional sub-chapters, and other trade organizations under one blanket that consist of over 50,000 members controlling over 80,000 locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Currently, there are approximately a little over 154,000 C-stores in the country. In other words, this new itSpray partnership will bring more accessibility to our products. Want more information? Check out their website, or get in contact AATAC.


About itSpray Products:

BOOSTit provides immune support, gut health & recovery support

CHARGEit sustained enrgy & menta focus

DREAMit anti anxiety & sleep support


Our sublingual spray enters the body in seconds to minutes. You absorb 95% of the ingredients vs pills at about 10%. Whether you can’t swallow pills, digest pills or just don’t like the feeling, there are more than 46% of adults in your camp. In conclusion, make the transition to efficacy, convenience and portability today. We formulate our products with vitamins, minerals, herbs & amino acids to support total health.


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