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itSpray on Business Life Travel Magaznie Gift List 2019

itSpray is on the gift guide for people who like TRAVEL


Just in time for Holiday 2019, Business Life Travel magazine found the itSpray travel pack and put it on their gift guide. Included in the travel pack is a full size Boostit (immunity), Chargeit (Energy) and Dreamit (sleep). Go from Day to Night or Plane to Hotel all while living your best travel life.
This gift giving season itSpray believes you need a gift yourself. Use Promo Code TRAVEL at checkout. When you buy a Boostit, Chargeit or Dreamit as a gift we will give you a free one as our gift to you.

Travel Pack product image

Each itSpray variety is 1 oz, so you can fly through TSA with ease. Dosing is flexible from 1-7 sprays, so each member of your family can customize their dose…without all of the clumsy bottles.

Gift Guide Must have’s

Wynd Plus Portable air purifier
Waypoint Good Travel Scarf
Busy Beauty
Unicorn Cashmere

itSpray is honored to be included with all of the wonderful brands. You know what they say about the company you keep, well itSpray is in great company.
Thank you Business Travel Life Magazine for including us in this amazing list.

Our Gift to you

Are you ready to buy itSpray? use Promo Code TRAVEL to buy one for a gift and get the second free just for you. ‘Tis the season, go ahead get something free for yourself. Buy
itSpray travel pack is the perfect gift for anyone this season, not just those who travel. We all know someone that is sneezing and coughing (Boostit), exhausted from all the Holiday Shopping (Chargeit) or just needs to get a better night sleep (Dreamit). Give them the gift of better health this year with itSpray.

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