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itSpray on Morning Blend Milwaukee

Did you miss itSpray on Morning Blend Milwaukee?

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Many people start their daily routine with breakfast, coffee, and their daily vitamins. What if those vitamins aren’t as effective as we think?

We are joined by Kimberly Stiele from itSpray Vitamins to talk about their spray vitamins and how they can be 85-95% naturally absorbed in 22-30 seconds!

itSpray offers three different vitamins with major health benefits:

  • BOOSTit – Immune Support
  • CHARGEit – Sustained Energy
  • DREAMit – Restful Sleep

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Ditch Traditional Vitamins for a More Effective One!


itSpray on morning blend

Couldn’t appreciate the glowing words more, but what makes us even happier… how many people use itSpray as a solution. Love that Tiffany is a fan already.



itSpray isn’t just on the Morning Blend Milwaukee

You can find it online & at local retailers.

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