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BOOSTit by itSpray is Vegan friendly

itSpray is Vegan friendly and a whole lot more

Vegconomist recently share BOOSTit with the Vegan community and itSpray couldn’t be happier. BOOSTit, however, isn’t the only vegan itSpray. BOOSTit, CHARGEit and DREAMit are all gluten free, Non-GMO, free of fillers & binders and vegan friendly.

No better way than Vegconomist to share our story with Vegans

Because really if you want an authority on the best vegan products no one gives you better information! Although the focus was on BOOSTit & the partnership with CircleK stores, the article also shared about itSpray. Ready to read the whole run down? Vegconomist

On the subject of a Vegan diet

CHARGEit is our favorite product to support a healthy vegan diet. Typically some of the most important B Vitamins are found in animal by products. Our bodies don’t naturally make most vitamins, we get them through lifestyle & diet. If our diet & routine doesn’t always provide our body with the exact vitamins needed supplements are a great alternative. In the case of B Vitamins and a Vegan Diet, CHARGEit is packed with more than a daily dose. We all need energy and CHARGEit does have green tea variety caffeine. itSpray wanted to provide a solution for sustained energy and healthy lifestyle support. Because being healthy, getting better sleep supports long term daily energy.

Which product is your favorite?

Even our hand sanitizer is Vegan because we want to provide a solution for as many people as possible. The number of adults that can’t swallow a pill is 46%. Whether you are gluten free, vegan, bariatic, diabetic itSpray products support your lifestyle.

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