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itSpray for Health and Wellness Goals

Let itSpray help with Health & Wellness Goals

That is what @ToledoParent shared with their readers.

“BOOST your immunity, CHARGE your energy, and DREAM peacefully at night with itSpray, a vitamin you spray under your tongue, an easy way to start working on your health and wellness goals.”


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‘Tis the Season for BOOSTit

Don’t start cold & flu season with immune support. BOOSTit is an easy sublingual (under the tongue) spray that supplies your body with vitamins to support immune health. Kids don’t want to drink glasses of powder and well neither do a lot of parents. 7 sprays under your tongue up to 2x per day and no more glasses of powder water.

CHARGEit Energy through the winter

Let’s face it as parents it is hard to send kids outside to play in the middle of winter. CHARGEit gives you the sustained energy to push through the mid-day slump. Our bodies natural energy decreases between 7 & 8 hours after we wake up. A few sprays of CHARGEit to power through slumps and stay active with the kids.

DREAMit Sleep for anyone who can’t stop thinking about the to do list

itSpray has crafted a 2 part formula to support stress reduction and anxiety. Calm your mind and help you get higher quality sleep. Wake up refreshed, no more groggy mornings like when you were using antihistamines and pain killers to sleep. This natural sleep aid includes more than just melatonin. The sublingual delivery helps you absorb more and feel the affects fast. Upto 7 sprays under your tongue and you are ready to drift into dreamland.

Whatever your health and wellness goals this year there is an itSpray for you

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