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itSpray partners with CircleK to bring customers BOOSTit


itSpray Partners with CircleK to Bring Customers Superior Immune Support

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itSpray, Spray Vitamins, Partners with Circle K to Bring Customers Superior Immune Support

 itSpray has issued a press release describing their partnership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 15, 2020 Minneapolis, Minnesota – itSpray, Spray Vitamins, has stocked 646 Circle K stores across Arizona and Nevada with BOOSTit, their immune support spray vitamin.

itSpray Partners with CircleK

With 46% of Americans unable to swallow pills, itSpray provides a unique solution. Their spray vitamin line uses a sublingual delivery system, which has proven to be faster acting than pills, powders and gummies – taking under 30 seconds for the nutrients to hit the blood stream versus the average 45-60 minute with other supplements. Additionally, the liquid spray approach eliminates a need for fillers and binder used in traditional supplements, allowing the body to absorb 85-95% of the nutrients. Traditional supplements average 20% absorption.

From our Founder:

Kimberly Stiele, itSpray Founder, notes, “In a time when strong immune health is critical, we are excited to partner with Circle K to offer their customers our BOOSTit immune support vitamin spray. The vitamin industry, what we take, how we take it, is evolving. We have developed a product that hits the bloodstream quicker, offers optimal absorption of nutrients, and is convenient for the consumer. Our motto at itSpray, Spray it. Solve it., is simple and clean, just like our products. No fillers/binders, non-gmo, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan – vitamins made purely with the ingredients needed to achieve the best results.”

itSpray offers a growing line of vitamin sprays, including BOOSTit supporting immune health, CHARGEit providing natural sustained energy enhancements, and DREAMit delivering antianxiety and sleep support without the drag. To learn more about itSpray Vitamins, and their parent company BeneSprays visit

itSpray, more than BOOSTit

About itSpray Founded in 2018 by Kimberly Stiele, a mother of two and a tenured CPG executive, our company’s mission is to provide cutting edge alternatives for better health that outperform traditional pills, powders, and gummies. We offer oral spray vitamins that support your immunity, charge your energy, and help you sleep. Using a sublingual approach, a few sprays under the tongue, our vitamins are 9 times more effective than pills, gummies, and powders. Each liquid formula is made from the highest quality ingredients with no fillers or binders, GF, Non-GMO, and sugar free.

For more information on how itSpray partners with CircleK :

Contact: Jody Walstrom 952.250.0665

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