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New Line of Alternative Supplements in a Spray

Momtrepenuer Launches Solutions in a Spray – New Line of Alternative Supplements in a Spray

This new line of alternative supplements in a spray help solve your everyday need for Immunity, Energy and Sleep. Oral Spray Supplements absorb faster than pills, powders and gummies. BOOSTit for immunity is a citrus flavor spray filled with ingredients like Vitamin C to support immune function. CHARGEit for energy is a one two punch for your body and mental clarity for the mind. Sleep is most often pointed to as a thing people need more of in their lives. DREAMit uses a two step process to ease your racing mind and then help you fall asleep.

Spray Supplements Act Fast

Why would you switch to Oral Spray? Sublingual delivery is faster than pills, you can feel the effects in 20 second to 4 minutes. By-passing the digestive system reduces the amount of time to get into the bloodstream. Absorption is also higher, at 95% it is almost 9x more than pills. The big question is why not use an oral spray solution?

Easy Solution for your Busy Life

The 1 oz spray can be carried in your purse, backpack or pocket. Each tiny bottle contains 25+, 7 spray doses. That means you don’t need 25 plastic water bottles or energy shots, just itSpray’s compact bottle to keep you going. Each dose is 7 sprays, which means you control your dose and you can share with everyone in the family. This momtrepenuer loves the convenience and thinks you will too.

itSpray Blends Geared Toward Better Sleep, More Energy, and Stronger Immunity

Hopkins resident Kimberly Stiele has used her experience in consumer goods to launch a new product line that provides a more convenient solution when it comes to taking your vitamins.

Stiele’s professional background has been working mostly for companies in the food industry, such as… Read More