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Good Day Oregon talks itSpray

Stephanie Kralevich, Good Day Oregon talks itSpray with Kimberly Stiele

Stephanie Kralevich sits down with Kimberly Stiele, founder of the itSpray product, to discuss how itSpray helps people of all ages live better with convenient, easy, and fast-acting solutions.

Want to see the entire interview where Good Day Oregon talks itSpray?

GDO interview

Stephanie Kralevich

If you just want to know about itSpray

“There are three different solutions BOOSTit for immune support which includes a blend of vitamins, herbs, gut support. Spray under tongue 7 times & go! CHARGEit for sustained natural energy is a blend of 13 ingredients that support sustained energy + B Vitamins for total health & gingko for mental focus. DREAMit aids in shutting down a racing mind + anxiety support while helping with a restful night sleep.”

So, if you are just too busy for pills a spray is perfect for you. Which was highlighted in the interview where Good Day Oregon talks itSpray.




Almost half of all American adults have a Vitamin D Deficiency, coupled with on the go lifestyle supplements can help support immune health.

Immune Support in a proprietary blend not to mention gut health support.


The Mid-Day slump is a thing. You aren’t making it up, your body becomes sleepier 8 hours after you wake. We have a way to support total health, replenish vitamins and maximize mental focus.

Sustained energy & 13 ingredients for an overall healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, there are ingredients for mental focus in addition to energy.


63% of Americans claim they either aren’t getting enough sleep or restful sleep.

Stop taking chemicals to support sleep & use a natural supplement that works with your body chemistry.

Anti-Anxiety to calm your mind, as well as, get a restful night sleep.

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