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DREAMit Sleep Routine Featured On The Selfie Podcast

DREAMit as part of your sleep routine featured by the Selfie Podcast House.

DREAMit’s benefits are featured on the Selfie podcast, where Kristen Howerton recommends including as part of your sleep routine. She and her family are using DREAMit for a better night sleep. Take a listen to what they had to say.

@KristenHowerton is Hilarious. She says what a lot of moms are thinking. itSpray is proud to hear Kristen say, “DREAMit is something her and her kids are using as part of their bedtime routine.”

Follow the link below to listen to the entire podcast.

DREAMit as part of your bedtime routine

DREAMit is an oral spray. A few benefits to this delivery system are: convenience, higher absorption rates, faster efficacy, & flexible dosing. Yep that’s right, each “dose” of DREAMit is 7 sprays. Have you ever wanted to give your child half of a melatonin gummy? Us too, cutting, breaking, biting it in half? You never know how much active ingredient you are getting. Using a sublingual delivery system (oral spray) allows you to better dose each member of your family. One dose of DREAMit is 7 sprays or 1 mL, knowing that helps you calculate exactly how much you want to give your preteen, teen or even spouse. No more biting, breaking, or making a gummy mess to just be guessing what you are giving your little one.

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Still want more information about DREAMit and your Sleep Routine?

All of the itSpray products solve a problem and help support better total health. DREAMit is multifaceted. Often times people can’t fall asleep because their mind is racing or due to stress and anxiety. A typical melatonin pill won’t help solve these issues. DREAMit leverages a proprietary formula that eases your mind, relaxes anxiety and also supports a restful night of deep sleep.

Even better news is, DREAMit uses all natural minerals, herbs and amino acids. No need to keep taking antihistamine like diphenhydramine to put you to sleep. DREAMit doesn’t use drugs just things like 5-HTP and Melatonin to help regulate you sleep wake cycle. The best part is sublingual delivery is the fastest around. So you can be feeling sleepy in half the time of a pill and wake up refreshed.

Gluten free, Vegan, Non-GMO, No fillers/binders