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Dreamit for Wellness and Beauty this Travel Season

Rana Good shared with Forbes readers, Dreamit for Wellness and Beauty during Travel.

Who hasn’t heard the phrase “beauty sleep”? DREAMit does just that, supports better sleep for wellness and beauty.

As much as we like to talk about ourselves, we think we will let someone else do the talking!

Rana’s quote from Forbes:

“Jetlag is a real issue for me while I’m traveling so I like to bring a Dream It spray with me to make sure I can get enough sleep even when I’m in a completely different time zone. Just two sprays under the tongue can help me relax and tell my brain it’s time to sleep with a blend that features melatonin, Valerian Root and 5HTP. The spray is small and easily portable making it a suitable travel companion.”


itSpray agrees with Ms Good, sometimes 2 sprays is all it takes. One advantage to our sublingual delivery is the flexiblity to customize your dose. If you are ready for bed 3-4 sprays is average, but if you wake up in the middle of the night try 2, and drift back off to dreamland.

Wellness is done best in the form of Self Care.

DREAMit continues to find “itSelf” in good company. DREAMit,  Lunya, and Dr Toothbrush is the self care you need to get through the Holiday Season.


Ready to Buy Dreamit? You are one spray away from a fabulous night’s sleep.

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