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BOOSTit Immunity Spray on best flight products list

BOOSTit Immunity Spray Made it onto EPOCH TIMES List of Best Flight Products.

“A few spritzes of Boost, Charge, or Dream by itSpray (; $24.99 for 25 doses) can make a big difference in your travel plans. Whether you opt for a blend of vitamins and herbs that will energize you, bring on a nap, or toughen up your immune system, these sprays are power-packed and easy to stash in your carry-on.” A quote from the EPOCH TIMES article. Which is why BOOSTit immunity spray is a best flight product.

itSpray agrees you need BOOSTit for your next flight, here is why:

BOOSTit is filled with ingredients that support a healthy immune system and none of the stuff you don’t need like, fillers, binders, colors and wax. The plant based, vegan friendly, keto friendly, gluten free 1 oz spray is easy to take anywhere. A 1 oz bottle of BOOSTit has 25+ doses and doesn’t require water to use it.

itSpray package of BOOSTit

EPOCH TIMES list includes fun items for flight:

ifly Smart Kit is a great compliment to BOOSTit in the airport or anywhere you are traveling.

Olyxir Instant Tea Strips are great for relaxation and easy for travel.

No list would be complete without the Cocktail Box Co., we like the Champagne Kit.

Needless to say itSpray and BOOSTit are in great company. If you want to see the rest of the list you can find it at:


Ready to buy BOOSTit or any of the other itSpray varieties?

Of course you are, the hardest part is choosing which one. For the frequently flyer we have a solution the travel pack Travel Pack – Description

There are 3 full size containers of itSpray, BOOSTit, CHARGEit and DREAMit. Also included is an EOS lip balm and a reusable travel kit.

BOOSTit gives you the immune support you need all year long.

CHARGEit provides sustained energy, no crash and ingredients that support mental focus and total health.

DREAMit helps quiet your brain and secure the night sleep you are dreaming of getting. Also to combat jetlag with ingredients like 5-HTP and Melatonin to help regulate your Circadian rhythm.