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DREAMit Will Boost Your Beauty Routine with Better Sleep

DREAMit is so proud to be amongst brands like Ole Henriksen, Dove & CeraVe. At itSpray, we know that sleep is essential to any proper beauty routine. DREAMit Spray is essential to your nighttime beauty routine because it boosts the quality of your sleep and aids with general relaxation. Use a face mask, apply your serums, follow up with moisturizer, and finish it off with a spritz of DREAMit under the tongue.


The Quality of Your Sleep Matters

Sleep is important, but a restful sleep is the key. According to Dermalogica, a proper sleep schedule is critical to beautiful skin: time at rest is when the skin repairs and regenerates. A balanced diet, exercise and limiting screen time before bed can help with sleep, sometimes we need some help. itSpray DREAMit is a sublingual spray made with a blend of 5HTP and valerian root, both of which have been known to relieve stress and anxiety. Spray it under your tongue before bed, where it will immediately be absorbed into the body for a more fruitful beauty routine.



Nighttime Beauty Routine Habits With DREAMit Spray

In four easy steps, you can be drifting off to dreamland for refreshed night’s sleep. Get ready 10 minutes before bed. Use up 7 sprays under your tongue. Wait 10 seconds and then swallow. Night night! It’s safe up to 14 sprays in a 24 hour period. Using non-habit forming ingredients, all you get is a good night sleep. DREAMit will take your nighttime beauty routine to the next level by helping you fall asleep, stay asleep and not wake up groggy.



Our Spray Method Means IMMEDIATE Absorbency

Anyone who has struggled with insomnia or poor quality sleep has likely tried melatonin gummies or some other form of sleep-boosting pills. These solutions pose an issue when it comes to timing, because an ingested pill requires time to absorb and go into effect. Stressing over the right time to take sleep-boosting pills will undermine the critical aspect of relaxation in a healthy beauty routine. This is not to mention the potentially harmful side effects of chemically potent pills and supplements.


By spraying under neath the tongue, your body is able to absorb DREAMit within seconds, rather than minutes. This allows your body to fully utilize DREAMit and not have any harmful side effects. itSpray doesn’t solely rely on Melatonin to drift you to sleep, and we never use fillers in any of our products. Instead, we use source natural, non GMO, vegan ingredients which yield a superior product. The wholesome ingredients in DREAMit builds a guilt-free nighttime beauty routine where you will wake up well-rested and ready to take on the day ahead.


Maximize your beauty sleep with products that work while you snooze

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