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Living 808 featuring itSpray

Living 808 featuring itSpray from Hawaii.

What a great segment. We enjoyed hanging with the folks in Hawaii. If you missed it check us out:

“Vitamin itSpray for Immunity & Energy Boost or Sleep Support”

Honolulu (KHON2)- There’s another way to get your daily vitamins, with itSpray, vitamins in a liquid formula that you can take in spray form.

itSpray by BENESPRAYS offers a liquid formula made from high-quality ingredients, that offers quick absorption, convenience, and portability that users prefer to traditional pills, powders, and gummies.

Founder Kimberly Stiele talked about her products on Living808. The mother of two founded BENESPRAYS in 2018 and says the sprays eliminate the need for fillers and binders, and allow 85-95% of the nutrients to be absorbed by the body within 22-30 seconds.

The current product line includes:

BOOSTit – Packed with nutrients to support your body’s immune system, support gut health & shorten the duration of a cold.

CHARGEit – Whatever life hands you, wherever you are in your day, take CHARGE and get it done. Sustained energy, a variety of B-Vitamins to support a healthy lifestyle along with Gingko & Ginseng to support focus. Because you need energy just not the other stuff.

DREAMit – Ease your mind, relax and fall asleep because DREAMit provides anxiety support in addition to sleep support. DREAMit’s natural ingredients & easy dosing are your anytime sleep solution.

itSpray Oral Spray

What do you need to know about itSpray

808 Living featuring itSpray was a hit & thank you Hawaii.

First what you need to know is the best time to support your immune system is when you are healthy!

Second is that a great night of sleep is one of the best things for immune support.

Last your body burns and uses vitamins in everyday activities (including sleeping). You need to replenish vitamins regularly. That is why we eat 3 meals a day. Rarely do people eat perfect every day, so each itSpray uses a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals & herbs to replenish your body.

As a matter of fact, each spray fits into a daily routine. Additionally, 95% absorption means you aren’t guessing what goes into your body.

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