itSpray CHARGEit Review From a First-Time User

As a writer by trade, I have always been susceptible to the dreaded afternoon slump. As lunchtime graduates to the second half of the workday, I often find myself easing back into writing a little slower than I’d like. So, when itSpray suggested I try the energy boosting CHARGEit spray, I was immediately drawn to try a new product to beat this workday dilemma. Here’s how I managed to fit their convenient, all-natural liquid vitamin spray into my routine.

ChargeIt spray

How Liquid Vitamins Like CHARGEit Work

Similar to how an IV delivers medication in a hospital, a liquid vitamin almost immediately absorbs into your bloodstream when you spray it under your tongue. The tissue and blood vessels in this part of your mouth can consume between 85 and 90% of nutrients within just 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the body can only digest about 10 to 20% of the nutrients in a standard pill when the digestive tract breaks it down. Over a few minutes, approximately 98% of the liquid vitamin will end up in your bloodstream.

These absorption rates are particularly relevant to the CHARGEit spray because it offers a shot of energy through a concentrated boost of natural caffeine and a range of B vitamins. With just a few spritzes, the product should make you feel immediately awake and focused on the task at hand. Meanwhile, ingredients like ginseng and ginkgo biloba fight jitteriness, lower stress levels, and avoid a crash later in the day.

The Learning Curve With CHARGEit

I first tried this product after a lunch break as the afternoon slump began to set in. I typically have a diet soda or a sparkling seltzer to get through the day, but I decided to exchange it for four sprays of CHARGEit. Instead of staggering the sprays, I attempted all four at once, allowing the berry flavor to rest under my tongue for a couple of seconds before swallowing the liquid vitamin. Within a few minutes, I was confused as I felt jittery and anxious, which is when I recognized my mistake.

Since I had two large cups of coffee that morning and didn’t yet understand how the sublingual application affected the strength of the product, I felt jittery due to the high level of caffeine in my body. While I didn’t feel great because I underestimated the potent blend of caffeine and vitamin B12, my afternoon was thankfully absent of the typical caffeine crash I expect from an afternoon boost. This positive byproduct of my first experience motivated me to retry the spray under different circumstances.

While it took some trial-and-error, upon using the product again the following day—absent of morning coffee and staggering the sprays two-at-a-time—CHARGEit delivered precisely as promised. In recent weeks, I have even graduated to one cup of coffee in the morning and two sprays in the afternoon for energy that lasts all day long. By starting small with one or two sprays replacing a post-lunch caffeine boost, this liquid vitamin spray makes charging up throughout the day simple and convenient.


Beyond an afternoon pick-me-up with CHARGEit, itSpray offers a full line of liquid vitamin sprays aiming to better your life. For more information and to try it yourself, give us a call today at (813) 603-8190.

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