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A Working Mom’s Guide to Health & Nutrition

A Working Mom’s Guide to Health & Nutrition. When juggling work, life, and family, mothers can often feel hard-pressed to create balance in their lives. Making time for yourself, however, is essential to making the most of your life as… [more]

Cutting Edge Solution, Proven Performance: Immunity, Energy, Sleep

New Line of Alternative Supplements in a Spray

Momtrepenuer Launches Solutions in a Spray – New Line of Alternative Supplements in a Spray This new line of alternative supplements in a spray help solve your everyday need for Immunity, Energy and Sleep. Oral Spray Supplements absorb faster than… [more]


Signs You Are Not Getting Quality Sleep

Despite the all-nighters of college and the late nights hitting deadlines at work, a lack of rest will have considerable effects on your performance. If you’re having issues going to bed even when you have the time, you may need… [more]

itSpray founder

itSpray Founder interview in Authority Magazine

Kimberly Stiele, Founder of itSpray, was interviewed in Authority Magazine. Stiele can be quoted in the article as saying: “People want to work harder for people they enjoy working for. They respect when their leaders hold them accountable and don’t… [more]