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DREAMit Sleep Spray

Dreamit for Wellness and Beauty this Travel Season

Rana Good shared with Forbes readers, Dreamit for Wellness and Beauty during Travel. Who hasn’t heard the phrase “beauty sleep”? DREAMit does just that, supports better sleep for wellness and beauty. As much as we like to talk about ourselves,… [more]

Bello mag BOOSTit

BelloMag says itSpray is an OBSESSION

Bello Mag says itSpray is an OBSESSION itSpray always takes an opportunity to talk about ourselves, but it is even better when you can quote someone “If you are looking for a natural energy boost, this is the product for… [more]

SHeridan Road DREAMit

DREAMit, newsworthy from Sheridan Road

October issue of Sheridan Road features DREAMit Sheridan Road suggests you check out Dreamit for sleep, it is newsworthy. itSpray is proud to be featured with great brands like Isle Jacobsen of Denmark and Fizz from idrinkproducts in Sheridan Road… [more]