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Your Guide to an Epic Colorado Road Trip

If you are looking for a fun and active family vacation where you can enjoy the outdoors, Colorado is your place. My family took a road trip around Colorado a few years ago and it was my favorite vacation yet! Therefore, this article will serve as your guide to an epic Colorado road trip.

Your Guide to an Epic Colorado Road Trip

Where to Start?

The best place to start is Colorado Springs, which is East of the Rockies. You can easily fly or drive into this city! The best part is, is that there are many natural and free attractions for your family to enjoy.

garden of the godsGarden of the Gods: This natural attraction is one of Colorado Springs’s most popular places to visit. It is completely free and has family-friendly hiking trails woven throughout.

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park: Cave of the Winds Mountain Park has above-ground activities such as a ropes course, zip line, and canyon swing. They also have underground cave tours!


Where to head next?

Head up north to Steamboat Springs. This scenic ski town is also a vibrant summer destination!

your guide to an epic colorado roadtripTube on the Yampa River: Steamboat Springs is home to the Yampa River where you can tube for free! They have a shuttle that brings you to the top of the river at no cost. I would suggest buying your tubes at Walmart rather than renting them if you want to enjoy the river multiple days in a row.

Steamboat Pro-Rodeo: The Steamboat Pro Rodeo takes place every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. from July through August. This Western tradition and experience costs $20 per adult, $10 for children (7-15), and is free for children 6 and under!


white water raftingWhite Water Rafting: Head down south to Glenwood Springs for some white water rafting! You cannot visit Colorado without taking advantage of its rushing rivers. Glenwood Springs is a great place to do so! TripAdvisor shares the 5 best rafting and tubing in Glenwood Springs. My family and I used Defiance Rafting when we went!




Where to Finish?

mesa verde cliff dwellingsFinish by heading south to Durango, Colorado! Durango is the Colorado of Colorado. There are so many fun hiking trails and outdoor activities to take advantage of. The famous Mesa Verde National Park and cliff dwellings are only 40 minutes west of Durango and are a great place to visit while staying there. You can buy tickets for this national park at the Durango Welcome Center!



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