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You Need Avocado Toast in Your Life

You Need Avocado Toast in Your Life

Avocado and egg toast on multigrain bread is a great breakfast full of protein, healthy fats, and whole grains. It is easy to make and will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Many tasty variations to this simple meal exist! For instance, you can add red pepper or Sriracha sauce to spice it up, vegetables, or even cheese. A healthy breakfast is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This article explains why you need avocado toast in your life, including the health benefits of avocados.

How to prepare your avocado toast

Bread: Using multigrain bread provides more vitamins than using white bread.

Egg: Although fried eggs are the most popular on avocado toast, you can cook your egg any way that you choose. Boiled eggs make a tasty and quick alternative as well.

Additional toppings: Melting cheese on your toast adds calcium and extra protein. Tomato is also a great addition to avocado toast and adds extra vitamins to this already healthy breakfast!

Nutrition facts

The nutrition facts of avocado toast vary with the type of bread you use, the amount of avocado, and the additional toppings. You can make your toast as high or low in calories as you’d like. For instance, if you use a slice of low-calorie bread (45 calories), one serving of an avocado (64 calories), and one egg (80 calories), your total only adds up to 189 calories. Overall, no matter how you make it, this breakfast has a healthy balance of carbs, fats, and protein to keep you full throughout the day.

Avocados are full of vitamins! 

According to Medical News Today, one fifth of an avocado contains 64 calories, 6 grams of fat, 3.4 grams of carbohydrates, less than one gram of sugar, and almost 3 grams of fiber. They are a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6! Avocados also include many other nutrients such as magnesium and potassium.


A healthy breakfast sets the tone for the day and impacts your hunger levels in the evening. To read about how to build a healthy breakfast click here.