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What I Learned From Doing a Tea Cleanse

A few weeks ago I decided to try a tea cleanse from SkinnyMint. I wanted to feel better about my body and overall health. It didn’t go as I expected, and it wasn’t necessarily good or bad, but it did teach me a few important lessons. This article is a bit different. It isn’t a before and after story on how it helped me lose weight and feel like a new person. This article focuses more on what I learned about myself and my body from doing a tea cleanse.

What I learned from doing a tea cleanse

It helped me create a promise to myself and stick with it.

What I mean by this is is that I made a promise to do something for 28 days – the length of the cleanse – and I kept that promise. I drank the green tea every single morning and the night tea every other night, as directed. I kept a promise to myself and showed myself that I can create healthy habits.

There are no quick fixes or time-constrained fixes.

There are so many cleanses and work-out regimes that say “28-day cleanse” or “Get abs in 30 days.” While doing the tea cleanse, I also did a 14-day shred workout. To be honest, I sincerely believed that I would get abs by the end of it. Unfortunately, I did not – but I did keep promises to myself and did something consistently over a period of time.

Cleanses can help kick-start a healthy lifestyle, but they should not be the basis of one.

While cleanses can help you create healthy habits and kick-start your journey, you should not rely on them. If they one day disappear or you cannot afford them, you don’t want to feel like your life is shattering to the ground.

I love green tea

After drinking green tea in the morning for 28 days, I learned that I love green tea and it makes me feel great. I felt more energized and had better mental clarity after a cup of green tea than when I drink coffee. It also helped with my acne and skin health.

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