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Ways You Can Help Others During COVID

Ways You Can Help Others During COVID

This past year has been a hard one to say the least. You personally may have endured financial struggles, loneliness, sickness, or loss. It is so easy to dwell on our hardships and feel sorry for ourselves. However, when we shift our focus outward to the needs of those around us, we start to feel better. This article presents a few of the many ways you can help others during COVID. You can even do some of these from the safety and comfort of your home!

Make Christmas cards for nursing home residents

Unfortunately, COVID has isolated many elderly people, especially those in nursing homes and assisted care facilities. Making Christmas cards and even sending a small gift is a way to simply say, you’re not alone.

Shop or do errands for others

If you are healthy and able, you may consider running errands for quarantined families, seniors, or high-risk individuals.

Support local food banks

The financial strain placed on people during this time has been devastating. Consider donating your time, money, or canned goods to a local food bank.

Check out virtual volunteer opportunities

If you want to help others from the safety of your home, check out websites like Volunteer Match or Red Cross for online opportunities.

Volunteering is good for your health!

According to the Homeland Security website, volunteering reduces stress, helps you stay fit, and improves your overall wellbeing. Volunteers surveyed for a study reported improved self-esteem, overall mood, and physical health. They were also able to better handle their chronic illnesses.

A WebMD article also talked about the health benefits of volunteering. A few of these include a healthy heart and a bolstered immune system.

Want some additional immune support? Try BOOSTit to help you stay healthy this holiday season! Don’t forget to wear your mask and wash your hands as well!

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